The Awe of It All

I love the mountains. Their tortuous landscape and wild beauty inspire me every day. Their gift of silence and solitude reinvigorate my soul. In the many opportunities of play they offer I find endless joy. They have shaped who I’ve come to be.  

Although I grew up in Barcelona, Spain, it was roaming the rugged, luminous Pyrenees Mountains that I spent a big chunk of my formative years. There, amongst the craggy ranges, crystalline lakes and ancient villages I sealed my fate to live in the mountains for the rest of my life. 

My photography is not just a mere reflection of what my eyes see, but of the emotions my mind and body feel during the process of shooting the picture. I usually take the long road to get to places. I like to get deep into the mountains, be it running, biking, hiking, skiing, pedaling… I like to get down and dirty, feel cold, tired. It is in that state when I’m most open to feel the awe of it all.
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What can I do for you?

OK, I’ll admit my true photographic love is landscapes and small people doing self-propelled activities in big, natural, spaces. That said, and because of basic sustenance needs, I’ve successfully widened my scope of work over the years to accommodate a number of often asked requests from my clients, such as: 

-Special assignments 

This includes almost anything you can think of… some of my assignments this summer were an aerial survey of properties for the Crested Butte Land Trust, a multi-season scenic shot from a customer’s deck, a catalog photoshoot for an outdoor equipment company, a Bar-Mitzvah, a photo documentary for an award winning landscaping company, etc. 

-Family & Weddings
My philosophy with weddings and family portraits is keep it simple and fun, versus elaborate and pompous. I'd rather use natural light and the beauty of our surroundings. By forfeiting complex lighting schemes I can keep my prices down and also allow for more mobility and more choices of composition.

-Sporting events 
For 15 years I worked as the US correspondent for an international mountain biking and ski magazine publisher (Alesport S.A), covering both national and world caliber events in those sports. For eight years I was also the official photographer for Granny Gear Productions (24 Hrs of Moab). As an athlete myself, I’ve always loved and admired the aesthetics of the human body in motion, especially in a natural setting. Perhaps I could say it is my specialty?

Having spent half of my life in Crested Butte, a small town smack in the middle of the Colorado Rockies, I think I can safely say I’m an expert in “mountain town lifestyle”. Over the years, I’ve published images in many publications and catalogs depicting life in the mountains. I’ll do a great job no matter what your needs are: brochures, website, magazine, etc .

I believe there is a wonderful similarity between mountain landscapes and the landscape of the human body. There are peaks and valleys, deep contrasts of light and shadow and the same raw beauty all over. Unless the photos are shot out in nature I rent a professional studio space. 

I do have a price list available but I’d rather have a personal rapport with any prospective clients. Hourly rates start at $105.00 per hour. To enquire further please call me or email me at:


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